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Adoplh Holdengraber,  1866- 1932, Suceava

Welcome to the website of the Holdengraber family. (variously spelled Holdengraeber, Holdengreber, etc)

This family name  had it origins during the  late 18th  Century in the town of Suceava in the district known as Bukovina.  At that time it was the furthest western outpost of the Autro-Hungarian Empire.  Today it is now part of Romania (and Ukraine).  The original sources from that time  show many Holdengrabers listed in the archives of this town.

Today we know of various groups of Holdengrabers living in many area of the world such  as the United States, Israel, Belgium and the UK.  We have found that all of  these Holdengraber family groups point back to some family link in Suceava and surroundings.     .  

Today we find that  there are four separate groups living around the world whose links to each other are yet to be established, but all  have  the common link to the Suceava region.  We assume, somehow, there is a connection. 

Other individuals (families?) from the 17th & 18th centuries, bearing the same surname, can also be traced in North East of France and Germany. Presently there’re no apparent links discovered. However, considering the uniqueness of the name, one may wonder… their existence in two opposite edges of Europe.

Welcome to the Holdengraber site….